Soon there may come a time when you will have had enough of the pretending that happens in the typical workplace.
Working at nebulous activities just for the money can go on just so long, before your realize you are in a state of mental inertia and just waiting until your sixties to be put out either by layoff or poor health.

After focusing on the negatives of the typical workplace long enough, you will start fantasizing about the wonderful thing that you can do once you retire.
You will be wondering if you are the only one who feels so dissatisfied.
You might be surprised; as people approach their mid-forties and beyond, the thought of retirement becomes more pronounced; the satisfaction they used to have is now missing and they know how the office politics work.

So perhaps it is time to tell your boss “I’m outta here”.

More people would actually do it if they had a plan of action to achieve their goal of doing something more productive with their life.
As the book; “how to retire” Ernie J. Zelinski empathizes a happy, wild and free retirement is based not only on a healthy relationship with money and financial resources but also on their friends, community, family, life’s purpose, leisure activities and dreams. Above all, a happy retirement is based on a healthy relationship with ourselves